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Innovation Ecosystems
in Northern Mindanao


26 November 2021

Welcome Message


Dr. Ambrosio B. Cultura ll
President, USTP System

Dear Delegates, 


The unprecedented changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic prompted us all to instigate responsive initiatives that will bring forward concrete solutions to the pressing challenges. With the devastating outcome, people are pushed at a corner with no option but to adjust its focus and responses on the challenges at hand. It is then that we realized that creating a more adaptive and resilient world should be the priority of the key players for development. The University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP), as a member of the academe has therefore taken the lead in organizing a venue where leaders, researchers, innovators, and even the entrepreneurs can openly discuss how to materialize the vision of establishing a thriving Innovation Ecosystem in Northern Mindanao. 


This Innovation Ecosystem that the University is advocating is the kind of environment where innovation is fostered and nurtured and technology solutions are co-created by the key players for development - the Academe, Industry, Government, and even the Community therefore creating a more adaptive and resilient region. The USTP therefore endeavors to realize a shared vision for the region with these key players by establishing a Premier University - led S&T Park in the Philippines that hosts a Sustainable, Climate-Resilient & Livable Environment; enjoyed by Diverse, Values-Oriented and Entrepreneurial Community thriving in a Robust, Innovative & Inclusive Economy; supported by Smart, Green and State-of-the-Art infrastructure systems; and governed by a Responsive, Transformative and Principled leadership.


Through this Virtual Science and Industry Summit, the USTP can accentuate the significant role of the key players for development in ensuring a more adaptive and resilient Northern Mindanao. The University therefore anticipates that participants will further appreciate their roles in driving development not only in the region, but in the country in general.


We look forward to see you during the USTP’s Virtual Science and Industry Summit as we enable the establishment of a thriving Innovation Ecosystem in Northern Mindanao.



The Science and Industry Summit 2021 is aimed to foster a better understanding of the science-industry interface in the innovation ecosystem, and provide a platform for sharing of information and insights on good practices relevant to the establishment and operation of S&T Parks. It will bring together researchers, scientists, industry practitioners, policymakers, and planners to share specialized knowledge on latest innovations, trends, as well as practical concerns and challenges faced in relevant fields.

This is also USTP's way of celebrating the National Science and Technology Week.

Summit Partners

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Dr. Noelyn "Weng" Dano
Chair, Science & Industry Summit 2021

Email: SI.Summit2021@ustp.edu.ph


Lera Fay Cotiangco - Dela Rama

Director, Career Center & Gov’t - Industry - Community Relations Office

Maria Noelyn Dano

Director for International Affairs

Kristine Pearl Hortilano

Head, S&T Parks Management Committee Secretariat

Jonathan Jacobo

Director, Digital Transformation Office

Flora Monica Mabaylan – Ruiz

Manager, TPCO Technology Promotions Unit

Bronson Mabulay

Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

Anne Lorraine Sitoy

Director, Strategic Communication Office 

Archemedes Wabe

Campus Architect, Infrastructure Planning & Facilities Development Office