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Science and Technology (S&T) Parks have been perceived as a means of upgrading production and promoting collaboration in research and innovation. As developing economies attempt to close the technology gap, governments are increasingly turning to S&T Parks as part of their national strategy (UNESCAP 2019). In the Philippines, the government endeavors to vigorously advance the country’s science, technology, and innovation (STI). Targeted outcomes include STI in the agriculture, industry, and services sectors improved; investments in technology-based start-ups, enterprises, and spin-offs increased; creative capacity for knowledge and technology generation, acquisition, and adoption enhanced; and open collaboration among actors in the STI ecosystem strengthened (NEDA 2017).  

The University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) aims to contribute to this national goal while accomplishing the University’s Mission to bring the world of work (industry) into the actual higher education and training of students; offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to maximize their business potentials through a gamut of services from product conceptualization to commercialization; and contribute significantly to the National Development Goals of food security and safety, and energy sufficiency and security through technology solutions. Along this line, the USTP is establishing Science and Technology Parks (i.e., the Innovation Triangle) pursuant to its Charter - Republic Act No. 10919.


The Science and Technology Parks Vision Statement

A Premier University-driven S&T Parks in the Philippines that host a Sustainable, Climate-Resilient & Livable Environment; enjoyed by Diverse, Values-Oriented and Entrepreneurial Community who thrive in a Robust, Innovative & Inclusive Economy; supported by Smart, Green and State-of-the-Art infrastructure systems; and governed by a Responsive, Transformative, and Principled leadership.     

These S&T Parks are also envisioned to have the following functional roles:

  • A Nexus for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promoting a Culture of Socio-Economic Transformation and Sustained Economic Growth in the Philippines.

  • A Prime Ecotourism & Natural Laboratory University in the Philippines Championing Biodiversity Stewardship.

  • Attractive and Responsive Infrastructure and Support Services Facilitative of a Sustainable Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Researchers, Scientists and other Stakeholders 

The establishment of the S&T Parks within an academic backdrop magnifies the importance of Science and Industry interface, and this Science and Industry Summit will gather key players from relevant sectors to promote knowledge and practices that enhance innovation ecosystems. 

The images that you are seeing in this page depict a few of the university's infrastructure plans for its Innovation Triangle.